About Us

Winter Garden is the only company in the world able to develop a fully monetized drug development pipeline. The Company will develop a portfolio of cannabinoid pharmaceutical products based on proprietary, heirloom hemp varieties only available in Uruguay. Taking advantage of Uruguays status as drug development haven and favorable cannabis regulations, Winter Garden is able to develop fully patented, proprietary medical products a a fraction of the cost and time compared to North American or European drug development. Specifically, the company plans to produce mass scale heirloom hemp and exact the valuable high potency CBD available due to enhanced genetic profiles.

The value of cannabis as a medical product is growing rapidly around the world, yet most companies are focused solely on the production and sale of non-standardized, herbal cannabis. Winter Garden was established to take advantage of the lack of pharmaceutical development in the rapidly expanding medical cannabis marketplace.

Why Uruguay?

Uruguay is the only country in the world which combines an advanced drug development and patent regime with a low cost labour environment and favourable cannabis regulations. The result is that Winter Garden will be able to develop cannabis-based pharmaceutical products at a faction of the cost and time as compared to North American or European jurisdictions. Uruguay also provides Winter Garden with a climate capable of producing three field crops of heirloom hemp per year.

Uruguays cannabis regulations allow Winter Garden to work with heirloom hemp varieties not available elsewhere in the world.