CBD Extracts

Winter Gardens initial revenues will be generated from the production and sale of CBD extracts such as base oils. The Company will cultivate heirloom hemp cultivars on its 20 acre farm which will allow it to produce a high-quality CBD base oil which exceeds the industry standard for potency and quality.

As demand increases, Winter Garden will have the ability to expand its farm from 20 to 1000 acres representing a massive increase in output capacity. This will allow Winter Garden to become one of the largest CBD exact producers in the world, with the ability to provide a product superior in potency and quality at a fraction of the cost as compared to North American or European producers.

The Winter Garden Campus

The Winter Garden campus includes a 15-acre farm as well as laboratory, research and production capacities. The 15-acre farm, which can be expanded to up to 1000 acres, will allow Winter Garden to produce heirloom hemp varieties for CBD oil extractions, seed and fiber production and as inputs for research and drug development. The campus also includes:

  • Advanced cell tissue culture laboratory for genetic development, standardization and storage;
  • Controlled cultivation environments for plant propagation;
  • A state of the art phytotron;
  • A large growth chamber for plant development; and
  • CBD oil extraction and production equipment for the creation and sale of CBD base oils.

The Winter Garden campus is staffed by a team of post-graduate researchers focused on the development of cannabis medicines and pharmaceutical products. Through exclusive agreements with the national government and leading domestic universities, the Winter Garden campus is the heart of cannabis research in Uruguay.