Julian Srauss, CEO

Julian is a pioneer in hemp and medical cannabis cultivation. He began his career in Canada where he operated a legal medical cannabis production facility. In doing so, Julian came to realize the limits of medical marijuana due to Canadas restrictive laws around research and development and the lack of standardization in herbal cannabis. In 2014 Julian moved to Uruguay and began assembling the team required to create Winter Garden.

Nils Rehmann, Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Dr. Rehmann is a skilled chemist who possess natural leadership abilities and a proven record of delivering successful research deliverables. Dr. Rehmann has pursued research into a number of fields and has done so with leading researchers from around the world. The result is that Dr. Rehamann possess a global skill set and will be perfectly suited to working at the Winter Garden campus as he and his research team seek to transform the medical cannabis marketplace. Dr. Rehamanns primary responsibility will be the generation and implementation of standardization protocols throughout the Winter Garden supply chain to ensure Winter Garden is able to produce world leading, standardized medical products.

Daniel Carbo, M.S. (Nanosystems Engineer)

Mr. Carbo is a Ph.D. candidate in Biochemestry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Uruguay. Mr. Carbos doctoral thesis explores the signal transduction of CB1 and CB2 g-coupled protein cannabinoid receptors in humans. Mr. Carbos prior research focused on nano parameters of fibers in cellulose-based polymer systems and binders. Mr. Carbo will design and implement the standardization protocols for research trials into heirloom hemp varieties. Protocols will cover all aspects of the supply chain and pipeline development.

Oscar Florencio Caputi Vazquez (Agronomic Engineer)

Mr. Caputi is in charge of the research and development of the agricultural side of Winter Gardens business. Mr. Caputi will manage the breeding program to create unique, standardize cultivars based on heirloom hemp varieties not available anywhere else in the world.

Dr. Florencia Sacshi, M.D.

Dr. Sacchi is a practicing emergency room physician. Dr. Sacchi will oversee and manage all clinical research, including monitoring ethical obligations and social impacts. Once clinical research has been completed, Dr. Sacchi will assist in the final development stages as products move from clinical trail to finished pharmaceutical.