Laboratory Services

As the recreational and medical cannabis markets continue to expand, companies will increasingly require laboratory services to improve their products and maintain a competitive edge. Winter Garden intends to use its Campus laboratory facilities to provide these services to cannabis companies across the globe.

Laboratory services to be offered include strain development and registration, and the creation and improvement of extraction methodologies. Winter Garden will also be able to perform invivo, invitro, clinical and phase 3 trials for clients at a fraction of the cost and time as compared to North America and Europe.

Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals

The international market for medical cannabis products is growing rapidly. However, much of this growth is based on the production and sale of herbal cannabis which lacks appropriate standardization for pharmaceutical applications. In addition, when herbal cannabis is processed into extracts these products are often low tech (i.e. brownies) and do little to standardize the potency and medical value of the product.

Winter Garden is engaged in research and development objectives to increase the value of its CBD extracts by improving the delivery system. CBD base oil represents the starting point in CBD delivery systems. Winter Garden is currently developing superior delivery systems such as micro encapsulations and emulsion technology. Once complete, Winter Garden will be able to use these delivery systems to create a pipeline of CBD based pharmaceutical products such as slow-release pills and transdermal patches. These products will be amongst the first standardized, plant-based pharmaceutical products in the world and will revolutionize the market for medical cannabis products.